Carpal AID Tunnel Syndrome Pain Relief | Wrist Support | No wrist Brace | Wrist Guards| Wrist Splints | Wrist Strap | (6 Count, Larger Hands)

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    • This product will ONLY relieve pain caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If you are unsure that you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome please consult with a professional to be properly diagnosed.
    • CarpalAID helps to support the reduction of pain and swelling from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for hours at a time. This handy little self adhesive patch is designed for long-term wear, with cumulative results for muscle and nerve conditions of the hand, wrist and lower arm. For immediate first aid needs for scratches, cuts, burns, or other kinds of open wounds, a traditional bandage or dressing is recommended.
    • This expertly-designed adhesive strip is engineered to lift the soft tissue in the palm, gently releasing pressure from the median nerve. Traditional braces compress the hand and arm, which may provide temporary relief, but doesn't target the source of your discomfort.
    • The sticky adhesive is strong enough to adhere to your skin while you're working all day, or as long and often as needed while pain persists. No stablizers, braces or straps involved! Use a mouse or track pad and type on a keyboard as you normally would, and CarpalAID continues to work. The patch adhesive may release when exposed to water or excessive sweat.
    • Available in Small and Large to meet the needs of bigger and smaller hands. In general, if you are 5'4" and taller, use the larger size. If you are under 5'4", use the smaller size. To apply, peel off the backing and press into the palm of your hand. The center should be slightly diagonal, in line with your life line.

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