Imodium Medication Free Shipping

Diarrhea is considered as an emergency because it causes loss of bodily fluid. The loss of bodily fluid on the other hand leads to dehydration, and sometimes causes death in children and adults. Imodium medication is used for the treatment of sudden diarrhea it works by slowing down the movement of bowel. This medication treats the symptoms of diarrhea and not the cause. 

Imodium medication free shipping

We are doing free shipping for the bulk purchase of Imodium medication to our customers Nationwide. The free shipping is now on and only going to be available for a limited time. 

How can I be eligible for the free shipping?

The purchase of Imodium medication in bulk qualifies you for the free shipping. 

Is the free shipping available for any location?

The shipping is free for any customer that makes a bulk purchase from anywhere within the country.

Can I track my order?

You can track items in your order as soon as your order is completed. Every fufilled order has a tracking identification that allows you to track your order.

Can I return a free shipped order?

We understand that returns and refunds are inevitable in sales. So, can return any item you change your mind about within a speculated time provided that the good is still in the condition at which it was delivered. 

How long will it take to get my order on free shipping?

The free shipping service is not less of a service than the paid shipping. However, due to unforeseen circumstances delivery could exceed the estimated time which is not always the case.

Is there any form of compensation available for late delivery?

Delivery window is mostly estimated and expected to be fulfilled within the estimated time. Regardless of that be assured that that your order will get to you within the expected time. And when late delivery happens we have a way to compensate you.

Is the weekend part of the delivery window?

Sadly, the delivery window opens on working days excluding the weekend, but you can place your order on any day weekend inclusive.

What measures do you put in place to ensure the preservation of the medication when shipping?

The shipping of drug or medication under unfavorable conditions can have a negative impact on the medication, and cause it not serve it purpose. We have put some precautions in place to avoid spoilage. Our logistic partners are excellent in the field and experienced in minimizing risks.

How flexible is the shipping?

Because this is a free shipping, scheduling your delivery may not be possible, but there is a presence of flexibility. You are provided with different delivery options to choose from.

How long does delivery take?

The delivery time is available and varies depending on your location. Locations are categorized in tiers. You can find the tier your location falls in on our website

How can I place an order for the Imodium medication free shipping?

On our official website and mobile app, you can place your order. Once your order has been completed you will receive an email indicating your order detail, and delivery detail.

Can I cancel my order?

You can decide to cancel your order, before shipping and your money will be refunded as soon as possible.