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Common issues on vacation

One of the most common issues you can experience on vacation stems from the food you eat, anxiety, or stomach flu. A visit to foreign places or even your nearby waterpark can lead to stomach issues.

If you need relief on a trip, you are not alone. Nearly 40 percent of travelers experience diarrhea. Symptoms are usually incredibly benign. There is even a name for this condition, travelers’ diarrhea.

How can I avoid diarrhea?

Avoiding diarrhea is relatively simple. Stay healthy by:

  • Drinking bottled or canned water instead of water from the tap
  • Brushing your teeth with bottled or canned water
  • Do not use ice cubes
  • Try not to swallow water from an unknown source

It is not always possible to avoid the water. You should try to as much as possible.

Avoiding contaminated foods

Contaminated foods are as much of an issue as dirty water. To stop stomach issues before they occur:

  • Ensure your food is cooked and cooked properly
  • Do not leave food uncovered and tables exposed
  • Avoid raw foods and foods washed in tap water

Your vacation is your time to relax. Do not spend it in the bathroom. Make sure that your food is cooked, and your water is clean, especially in countries with poor sanitation practices or that are battling diseases such as malaria.

How can I get diarrhea relief?

Diarrhea starts when the cells in your colon or intestines are irritated. Essential fluids and salts pass through the colon too quickly. This leads to the symptoms we all dread.

Imodium is a powerful source of relief. These pills contain Loperamide which helps calm an overactive digestive system.

How does Loperamide work?

Loperamide works by slowing the pace of digestion. This allows salts and fluids to absorb as they normally do.

One of the reasons that you feel malnourished during bouts of travelers’ diarrhea is that the walls of your intestine are not receiving the benefit of your meals. Slowing down your digestive system helps alleviate this issue and should lead to solid stool in the process.

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Almost fifty percent of travelers experience an upset stomach. Diarrhea is not just a source of discomfort but also a major nutritional problem. Imodium can help when you start to feel an issue coming on.

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