Anti Diarrheal 200 Caplets

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Diarrhea is an annoying and disabling disease. There is no specific cause for its appearance, i.e., it can occur even with a change in diet, or the water you drink. Although it is initially mild, if not appropriately treated, it can have severe consequences for your body.

When this uncomfortable condition appears, the first thing is to keep the body hydrated. Keep in mind that the body is not only losing water but also salts and electrolytes that are indispensable for its proper functioning. Therefore, you must use more than just water, such as a saline solution.

Besides, you must maintain a healthy and fat-free diet and have a good anti-diarrhoeal. In that sense, Loperamide is the best option for you to relieve the disease. It is essential that you know the properties of this active ingredient, and where you can buy the best one.

What is Loperamide and How Does it Work?

This is an opioid that binds to the intestinal wall decreasing the release of chemical mediators such as acetylcholine and prostaglandins. It works by reducing intestinal movement, prolonging intestinal transit time, and increasing the viscosity of the stool.

It also reduces the daily stool volume and prevents the loss of fluids and electrolytes. Despite being an opiate, its action is local. Therefore when ingested, it does not produce any side effects.

Where to buy the Best Anti-Diarrhoea Loperamide?

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  • anti diarrheal 200 caplets: each capsule contains 2mg of Loperamide, and controls the symptoms of diarrhea, including traveler's diarrhea. It has an anti-child cap. It is produced by the renowned manufacturer SDA Labs. It has an incredible price instead of paying $29.95, you will only pay $20.95, and if you subscribe, it will only cost you $18.86. 

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