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How common is diarrhea when I travel?

As the economy opens, people are starting to travel. Most trips are to areas within the United States, but tourism and business are gradually making their way back to life.

No matter your reason for travel or how far you go, nearly 40 percent of people on a trip experience the pain and discomfort of diarrhea on their trips.

How do I prevent contracting diarrhea when I travel?

Preventing stomach issues appears simple but can be more difficult than it sounds. Try to:

  • Drink and use only bottled and canned water
  • Do not use ice cubes
  • Eat only cooked foods
  • Avoid contacting raw meats and vegetables
  • Avoid swallowing water from an unknown source

These steps sound easy to follow but are not that simple. Introducing foreign bacteria into your gut is as simple as swimming in the pool.

What causes diarrhea?

Diarrhea is caused by the introduction of irritants, bacteria, and, in unsolvable cases, viruses to the digestive tract. The colon or intestines become inflamed and essential liquids and food do not get digested.

The reason your stool is not solid is that the liquids and nutrients are not being digested. They pass through your system and combine with waste to produce discharge instead.

How can I relieve my diarrhea discomfort?

Imodium contains a special compound known as Loperamide that slows your digestive system and allows your body to absorb the nutrients and liquids from food. This helps turn stool solid while keeping you healthy since diarrhea detracts from the fuel your body receives.

Over time, your body heals, and you will stop needing medication. Following the proper steps may prevent an upset stomach as well.

Does Imodium work for viruses?

Unfortunately, Imodium does not work in every case. Diseases caused by viruses such as Malaria lead to unstoppable discharge.

These conditions require serious medical attention. You should carry anti-malarial pills with you in addition to a regular supply of Imodium when traveling to certain countries.

Should I carry a supply of Imodium when I travel?

Keeping enough medication for everyone in your group avoids potentially costly delays. Keep your group happy with a first aid kit for any situation.

Online retailers such as Well Springs Meds supply bulk medication at steep discounts. We have little to no overhead and a streamlined supply chain. There are no stores to run and stock.

Where can I find medication online?

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