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What's the best over the counter stool softener?

Docusate Sodium, Bisacodyl, and Senna Syrup are all well-regarded stool softeners that are available over-the-counter. The best stool softener for you may depend on your body chemistry and intolerances.

What is the best fast acting over the counter laxative?

Some laxatives contain stimulants that allow them to work more quickly than other stool softeners. Bisacodyl and any laxative containing Senna Syrup may work more quickly than other options.

What's the best laxative to deal with constipation?

Stool-softening laxatives are designed to increase the water content in stools. These laxatives include Docusate Sodium and Bisacodyl.

What are the strongest over the counter laxatives available?

Stimulant laxatives are considered to the strongest. They are both faster-acting and more capable of breaking down hard stools that cause constipation. Stimulant laxatives include Senna Syrup, Bisacodyl, and Sennosides.

What are the best gentle laxatives for constipation?

Stool softening laxatives are considered effective for temporary and mild constipation. They often cause fewer side effects. Docusate Sodium is an effective gentle laxative.