How it Sprung

“This makes no sense. ”

Daniel Bennett was a nine-to-five pharmacist working for a chain store in 2004. It was a comfortable desk job, placing orders and filling prescriptions, enjoying Nescafe and a plump 401K. He could’ve kept at it for decades. But he’s a friendly guy, and he’d often strike up conversations with the customers, especially the regulars.

And they’d drop comments that were hard to hear:

“These pills are really eating a hunk out of my monthly budget, but the doc put me on a maintenance plan, so here we are again.”

“Gosh, if it were prescription meds, my insurance would cover it, but I don’t have coverage for over-the-counter.”

And most often—

“Whoa. Why does this stuff cost so much?

As an employee, Daniel couldn’t do much for his customers-turned-pals. But as a deeply caring human, with plenty of insider info, he knew the solution was right around the bend.

“Let’s get the meds to them a different way. ”

It’s the twenty-first century. People don’t have to get their meds from a pharma-chainstore, or even from their local drugstore. The bottles don’t have to pass through so many hands, with prices marked up at each transfer.

Daniel used his connections to the manufacturers to purchase the most-needed maintenance meds. To keep costs rock-bottom, he didn’t even rent a warehouse. He stacked the boxes in his living room at first.

He began by offering his products on other platforms, and, in 2020, slashed costs even further by moving the entire line to this independent storefront.

And here we are!

Who loves Wellspring?

People on maintenance meds

“I was finally able to find a large quantity since I take this everyday!”

- Alice Harris

Insurance gap victims

“Fast shipping, and for allergy sufferers, it is so much cheaper to buy diphenhydramine in bulk. My insurance doesn’t cover this stuff.”

- J. Stanley


“These work the same or better than the name brand and less expensive. They are great! Give me a Happy Face!”

-Maryna Tech


Are those question marks all over your face? We get it. You love a good deal, but can you trust us?

1. Everyone wants a bargain, but this is my body we’re talking about. How do I know you’re selling real meds?

The long way: Order it, check the manufacturer, check the NDC number, test it on your pet rock. The short way: Trust Norton Guarantee, Trustpilot, and the FDA.

2. You beat prices, right? How do I enter the lower price I found?

We’re proud to promise the lower-than-lowest prices. We regularly track prices web-wide to be sure we’re coming in on bottom. But if you somehow find a lower price, please do tell. Start here!

3. Sounds good. Maybe too good. If you’re beating prices, how are you staying in business?

Hey, good question! And there’s a good answer: We can afford to price lower because we have very few overhead expenses. We don’t spend a lot on ads like other companies. And we buy direct from the manufacturer, so there's no middleman-markup.

4. Are you based in America?

Yup. New York, to be precise.

5. What if I need my meds faster?

Shipping is normally 3-4 business days anywhere in the states, for free. If you need it faster, please choose expedited shipping at checkout.

6. Can I return?

Yes, and we’re not your mom, so we don’t ask personal questions when you do. So long as it’s unopened, any product can be returned FREE within 30 days.

7. I have another question. Who can I talk to?

Sure, super-nice humans at your service 10 am- 5 pm EST. Feel free to reach out at other times, we’ll respond within 12 hours.